Language Teaching Methods and Significance of Rhetoric

Sonay ÜNAL


Language teaching, like language learning, is undoubtedly a long and toilsome process for the instructors. In this process, along with the de facto methods, each instructor may also apply his or her own methods/approaches to achieve more positive results. Nevertheless, it is very significant that language teaching methods and approaches should be executed in accordance with rhetoric in terms of the procedural way.  No matter what method or approach is used by the instructors, the sole purpose in language teaching should be to give the students the abilities to utilize the language, he/she wants to learn, in all ways of use (reading, writing, speaking and listening) and in all aspects (daily speaking, academic use etc...). Even though the teaching methods used for this purpose are many and varied, it is also necessary to use different and new methods in order to obtain a higher level of efficiency. In this context, in this study, the main methods and approaches used in language teaching were mentioned and in the following section of the study, significance and necessity of the rhetoric in language teaching in order to give the students the habit of proper and conformable use of the language was dwelled on.

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