The Political Transformation in India

Atique Rahman


The political changes in indian politics by and large is greatly influenced by the present days ruling party at the centre. And this paper aims to keep reader informed about the development of communal ideology  based on Hindu Nationalism in the context of indian society, and Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) as a case study in promoting this ideology.In this study polarisation of votes through riots between Hindus and Muslims is a technical process which is used as a tool to gain political benefits by a very small section of upper caste Hindus.This process has affected negatively to different weaker sections of society in many ways causing damage to the communal harmony and also to the basis of the founding principles of this country.These kinds of activities not only affects badly to the security of the people of minority communities but also in the long run to economy, social psychology and plurality of ındian society which has its own uniqueness across the globe. It is also a thing to watch out that how the BJP’s economic policy from Swadeshi  (indegenious) economy which was its basis of foundation, started favaouring Foreign Direct Investment in the country. And its effect was clearly visible in the BJP ruled state of Gujrat.India with its diversity can be the best example of multiculturalist society in the World but due to its political inabilities, make it a ordinary country like many others in the World. The present political scenario, ruining all the greatness and beauty of the ındian society is ready to serve some selected people from a small section of society. And it is very clear by some of the actions taken by the government in the form of Land acquisition ordinance and some of the unacceptable violent action through some people of its allied organisation against minorities and women.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Hindutva, Communalism, Secularism, Development, Governance

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